The City of Malibu Wants United Methodist Church To Stop Feeding The Homeless

Taking care of the poor is a fundamental part of what being a Christian is! The Lord said the poor will always be among us and we are to give to them. So even at the threat of imprisonment I would continue to feed and help the poor and do what ever the Lord has told me to do. Life in this world is temporary, but life in the next world is forever and I think its more important to fallow Gods laws then mans.

A Malibu church that has helped the homeless for years has been asked to stop feeding people who are down on their luck.

CBS Los Angeles spoke to the people at the United Methodist Church about the request.

Workers at the church say they are able to serve as many as 100 people. They’ve been serving meals on Wednesdays since 2014.

But now, the food service will come to an end after Thanksgiving at the city’s request.

“It’s a safe place,” said Michah Johnson, who is homeless. “And everyone is welcome. And the food is really good. It’s home-cooked. And there’s TLC involved.”

“The church is very helpful,” he added. “They keep my spirits up. They keep me accountable. When you’re homeless, it’s very easy to slip off and become jaded.”

The church says the city sent an email asking members to attend a meeting on Monday, where they were asked to stop feeding the homeless.

“Very succinctly,” said Dawn Randall, who works with the United Methodist Church. “They claimed we are increasing homelessness.”

food for homeless

“I think many of them eat out of dumpsters and trash cans when they aren’t eating with us,” said Kay Gabbard, who also works with the United Methodist Church. “We can’t pretend like (homelessness) doesn’t exist in our backyard. We can’t pretend that it only exists outside Malibu.”

CBS Los Angeles reached out to Malibu’s mayor for a comment. They have yet to hear back. source

That is so cruel. It’s nobody’s business who the church wants to help. They don’t borrow from the government to feed these people. It comes from tithes. It’s up to them and their congregation how they want to spend it. These are human beings, some are children and everybody needs to eat.

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