Palm Sunday

Today is known as Palm Sunday. Why do we celebrate Palm Sunday?

Got questions? Got answers!! – The Word of God!

Palm Sunday is described in all the 4 Gospels.

The narrative in Mark 11 is abbreviated but similar to the one in Matthew.

So let us read Matthew 21:1-11…….

Let us note a few things before looking at the other Gospels.

– Jesus went to Jerusalem with His disciples.

– Jesus instructed with certainty!

– Palm Sunday was foretold in the Old Testament (Zechariah 9)

– Many people honored Jesus (cloak and branches were laid down for Him).

– Jesus Christ was acknowledged as from God (Hosanna, Blessed, Prophet)

Now let’s turn to Luke 19.

Verses 28-38 tell the story of the colt and Jesus entering Jerusalem.

But look at v39-41….

And so we note two additional things from Palm Sunday:

– There will be opposition to Jesus Christ but His truth will never be quieted!

(If people do not share the truth, God will call the rocks to cry out!)

– Jesus has compassion for lost souls! Jesus wept for the people in Jerusalem!

And now turn to John 12……..

Verses 12-15 affirms Jesus riding on a donkey into Jerusalem; but look at v16…

– The Disciples were firsthand witnesses and they affirmed God’s Word that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, Savior and God.

What Biblical principles can we note from these truths?

First of all, why did Jesus go to Jerusalem??

Go back with me briefly to Matthew 20:17……21….

Jesus knew He was going to die in Jerusalem and still He went.

A. Jesus Christ was committed to being a sacrifice for people.

This is a little side note; but did you notice what happened after Jesus made His announcement? Jesus just announced His love for people and His self sacrifice and a family just thought about what they could get! We will come back to this later for our applications.

What else can we note?

B. Whatever God says in the Bible will happen!

C. Jesus Christ is God!

Jesus spoke with confidence! Many people acknowledged who Jesus was! Jesus was from God. Jesus was Blessed. Why do you think the people laid down their cloaks and tree branches (palms) on the road which Jesus traveled? Millions of people watched a wedding in England. What do you think they will do as the Bride walks down the aisle??

In the same way, the people laid down their cloaks and palms to honor Jesus Christ as He entered the Holy City of Jerusalem!

D. Jesus Christ is Savior!

How do we know this from this from those Palm Sunday passages? The people chanted Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest! Hosanna is a Hebrew word for please save or save now!

What other Biblical principles can we note?

Based on Luke 19:39-41,

E. A person will either be against Jesus or for Jesus!

F. Jesus Christ is full of compassion!

And as the Disciples testified,

G. The Word of God is to be studied and trusted!

What does this all mean for our lives today?

May I simply suggest that you would ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is it clear in my mind and in my heart what Jesus did for me?

2. Am I really for Jesus?

If not, I am against Him and ultimately I will lose!

3. How am I honoring Jesus on a daily basis?

4. How is my study and trust of the Bible?

5. As a recipient of God’s love, am I really thinking of others before self?

Can you truly tell someone that you believe Jesus Christ is God, became a man on earth to die for your sins, but rose from the dead so you too can rise above death, that Jesus is now in heaven praying for you, but one day soon will return to earth to judge all?

On a daily basis, do I check whether I am for Jesus or not? For if I am not for Jesus, I will lose! What am I offering Jesus on a daily basis to honor Him? Am I clinching my fists hanging on to things and not give to the Lord?

Palm Sunday

Let us never follow the example of Zebedee’s family in Matthew 20 who were so self-absorbed that they took Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for granted! Can you add this specific challenge to the 5th question listed.

5. As a recipient of God’s love, am I really thinking of others before self?

People were honoring Jesus Christ as they laid down their cloaks and palm branches; what are we honoring Jesus with on a daily basis? EVERYDAY, pray for someone, and if you can, truly help them!

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