John 7 Part 5

Remember I’ve talked about three things, the intellectual barrier, the emotional barrier and the volitional barrier. The way you overcome the intellectual barrier is by helping them think through some misconceptions and turning objections into opportunities to sharing the gospel. The way you overcome the emotional barrier is by building a relationship with people. Do you know the only way you’re going to overcome the volitional barrier is prayer? Only the Spirit of God can break through that. There’s a radical dependence. I can’t even change myself, let alone another human being. How am I going to raise them from the dead? That’s what the idea of conversion is. It’s more miraculous for a person to come to faith in Christ than for a person to be physically raised from the dead, if I understand the gospel correctly.
That’s why I say I don’t really know what a person’s motive will be and there’s all kinds of unique situations to them and their temperaments, experience and background. I may not understand but He knows the heart. He judges according to the heart, not according to outside appearances. We judge according to appearances but God knows the heart.
It may rub me wrong but in fully understanding that and that’s where I have to be careful because it’s easy for me to project and say well, now I know where he is but I don’t always know where he is. There’s this idea of pride that often enters in and keeps us really from receiving truth. There’s a complexity to this. In our lives, there are all kinds of things that can keep us away. God knows that. Frankly, it’s our pride or unwillingness to change. Again and again there can be an intellectual understanding or there can finally be the point where the issue is not intellectual at all, it’s volitional. I’ve had both cases where people said if someone could show where Jesus rose from the dead would they then believe? They would answer no. Now you’re dealing with more than an intellectual rejection. There’s always more to it. Human beings are exceedingly complex. You know this. You don’t even understand yourself. It’s the will. The most important thing about you is your will. This is your greatest source of power apart from the Spirit. Apart from the divine, your greatest power is the power to choose. That is your greatest source of power that you have in this world. Apart from God’s power that is the thing and your life will be shaped by the choices you make in the large and small arenas. In fact your large choices will generally be composed of the results of the small choices you’ve made. With this I’ll close- If any man is willing to do His will, he will know the truth and if he’s not willing to do His will, he will not know the truth. It comes down to the issues of the heart.
Chapter 7: John 7
Jesus and His Brothers
Read John 7:1-9.
This chapter tells about what different people thought about Jesus. Some didn’t want to believe in Him. Some were blinded by their own ideas that didn’t agree with Jesus’ teaching. Some hated Him because He preached against the bad things they did.
At this time Jesus’ own brothers did not believe that He was the Messiah. Later they did. Many of Jesus’ enemies were converted after His resurrection. Some of those who are enemies of the gospel now may accept Jesus if we pray for them. Jesus told his followers to love their enemies and to pray for them.
Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles
Read John 7:10-24.
Seven verses in this chapter tell us that Jesus was in danger. Read verses 1, 13, 19, 25, 30, 32, and 44. In spite of the danger, He kept on teaching and went to a religious celebration in Jerusalem. Many of Jesus’ followers are in danger now. We should pray that God will give them courage to keep on teaching, preaching, or witnessing.
Jesus’ teaching surprised the leaders. They knew that He had not attended the schools of higher education. The truths He taught came from God.
Read verse 17. If we are willing to do what God wants us to do, He will let us know the truth. Many persons who don’t believe the gospel have this problem: they can’t recognize the truth because they aren’t willing to obey God. Even persons who didn’t believe there was a God have found Him by praying sincerely: “God, if there is a God, please reveal Yourself to me. Let me know the truth and I will follow You.”
Some were still complaining that Jesus had healed sick people on the Sabbath. One law sometimes seems to be against another. When this happens, Jesus taught that we should obey the most important one. For example, the law said that no work was to be done on the Sabbath; it said also that every male child was to be circumcised on the eighth day. If the eighth day was a Sabbath, the people broke the law of the Sabbath in order to keep the law of circumcision. Jesus taught that the law of kindness was more important than the law of the Sabbath.
Is He the Messiah?
Read John 7:25-31.
The people were surprised to see Jesus teaching in the temple because they knew that the religious leaders were trying to kill Him. But they could not kill Him until it was God’s time for Him to die. Jesus knew that God had sent Him and that God would help Him finish His work. So He kept on teaching right in the temple. Because He had the courage to do what God wanted Him to, many more persons believed in Him and were saved from their sins.
Guards Are Sent to Arrest Jesus
Read John 7:32-36.
The fact that more people were believing on Jesus made the Pharisees more determined than ever to kill Him. Jesus knew that they were going to have Him killed. He had come to earth in order to die for our sins. He talked about His death as going away where they could not follow Him. His work would be over then. He would go back to heaven to be with God, His Father. Those who follow Jesus will go to heaven when they die.
Streams of Living Water
Read John 7:37-39.
Jesus said, “Whoever is thirsty should come to me and drink.” We have already learned that Jesus compared salvation to the water of life. But verse 39 makes it clear that here the water was being compared to the Holy Spirit, who would be given to believers after they were saved. After a person is saved from his sins, he should desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. In the book of Acts, we see that believers were filled with the Holy Spirit after they received Jesus as their Savior.
Division Among the People
Read John 7:40-44.
People had different opinions about Jesus then, just as they do today. Those were right who said He was the Prophet that God had promised, the Messiah, the Son of God.
Jesus lived in the province of Galilee, but He had been born in Bethlehem. Both Luke and Matthew give us the list of Jesus’ ancestors, showing that He was a descendant of David. He fulfilled the prophecies about the Messiah.
The Unbelief of the Jewish Leaders
Read John 7:45-52.
The Pharisees wanted to have Jesus arrested. One of the guards said, “Nobody has ever talked the way this man does!” No one could speak as Jesus did because no one else was God. We should learn what Jesus says about things and put His teachings above whatever anyone else says.
John 7
Father, we thank You for this time and we pray that we would be willing and I pray that by Your grace, You would give us a willing heart and spirit to respond to Your overtures in our lives to respond to the next stage in our journey and to be on a daily basis to be ready to listen and to receive that which You have for us each day. We pray in Christ’s name.
Take the quiz
Now please answer a few questions on what you just read.

1. Why was Jesus’ teaching so great?

a) Because He attended schools of higher education.

b) Because the priests and the Pharisees were His teachers.

c) Because His teaching was from God.

2. What did the leaders want to do to Jesus?

a) worship Him

b) stop Him from preaching

c) kill Him

3. Who had sent Jesus?

a) God

b) John the Baptist

c) the Priests

4. Is it always easy to do what God wants you to do?

a) Yes

b) no

5. Who will take care of you?

a) other Christians

b) God

c) your family

6. How do we know Jesus had enemies?

a) The chief priests wanted to kill Him.

b) The Roman governor sent to have Him arrested.

c) The crowds all wanted to kill Him.

7. When Jesus said, “Whoever is thirsty should come to me and drink,” what was He talking about?

a) About salvation which He called the water of life.

b) About the Holy Spirit who would be given to believers after they were saved.

c) About the water from the Jordan River.

8. Where did the people say the Messiah would be born?

a) Bethlehem

b) Jersulam

c) Nazareth

9. Where was Jesus born?

a) Bethlehem

b) Jersulam

c) Nazareth

10. Was Jesus a descendant of David?

a) Yes

b) No

11. What did one of the guards testify about Jesus?

a) “Nobody has ever talked the way this man does!”

b) “No prophet ever comes from Galilee.”

c) “How does this man know so much when he as never been to school?”

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