John 21 Part 5

Resumed from part 4


John 21

Let me close in a prayer. Lord, we thank You for this day, and for the blessings and the opportunities of this day. May we walk in them in faith and may we walk in them and manifest Your love and may we walk in hope, the hope of the sure return of Christ. We pray in His name. Amen.

OK, time to summarize.

Chapter 21: John 21
Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples
Read John 21:1-14.
The disciples went back to Galilee where they had come from. They did not seem to know what Jesus wanted them to do. So, some of them went back to their old work of fishing.
The first time they went out to fish, they worked all night but did not catch anything. Jesus came and told them to put their nets down in the water on the other side of the boat. They did and caught so many fish that they could hardly pull the nets in. When we do what Jesus tells us to, He turns our failures into success.
Jesus and Peter
Read John 21:15-19.
Peter had said three times that He did not know Jesus; now the Lord asked him a question three times. Peter had said that even though the others went away from Jesus, he would never leave Him. But he had acted worse than all the others when the test came. So Jesus asked him, “Do you love me more than these?” Peter was ashamed of the way he had acted and was sorry for what he had done.
Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.” We understand from this that Peter was forgiven for denying the Lord. He was to be a shepherd to take care of those who would believe in Jesus. Again, Jesus said to Peter, “Follow me.”
Jesus and the Other Disciple
Read John 21:20-24.
John, who wrote this gospel, didn’t want to mention himself by name. He was the disciple that Peter was talking about when he asked: “Lord, what about this man?” Jesus let Peter know that it was not his business what John would have to do, or what would happen to him. Peter was to follow Jesus faithfully without worrying about what others would do.
God does not call all people to do the same thing. We cannot decide what we will do by what we see others doing. Neither can we say others should do a certain thing because we feel this is what God wants us to do. Let us pray for God’s will in our own lives and in the lives of other Christians also.
Read John 21:25.
In the good news that John wrote, you have learned that Jesus is the Word. Through Him God speaks to you. Jesus is the Son of God who shows you what God is like. He is the Lamb of God who died to take away your sins.
Jesus is the way to heaven; follow Him and you won’t be lost. He is the light of the world; you don’t have to walk in darkness. Jesus is the bread of life who will satisfy your hungry soul. He is the truth who saves you from ignorance and error. He is the Son of Man who knows you and understands your needs. He is the Good Shepherd who cares for you. He is the resurrection and the life who gives you more abundant life now, victory over death, and eternal life in the world to come.
Jesus is all this and more. He is your Savior, Lord, and King who loves you. He wants you to follow Him now and be with Him forever in His heavenly home. Jesus will not force you to follow Him. He leaves that choice up to you. We hope that you will follow Him faithfully and enjoy the wonderful life that He will give you.
We have done this study in John to advance your knowledge of Jesus Christ for those who are newly born again but not only for new Christians but for those who have been a Christian for a while to help you mature and John is the best book in the Bible to help you do that.
You will want to meet with others to pray, to worship God, and to study His Word. I as a pastor can help you with your spiritual problems. Don’t forget to read the Bible and pray every day, and God will bless you and keep you in His love.
Take the quiz,
Please test your knowledge by answering these questions.


1. What did the disciples do after Jesus had appeared to them?

a) They went back to their homes in Galilee and went fishing.

b) They prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

c) They started preaching the gospel.

2. What did Jesus ask Peter?

a) “Do you love me more than these?”

b) “Why did you deny me three times?”

c) “Do you know how to take care of sheep?”

3. What did Peter want to know?

a) How he could feed sheep when he was a fisherman.

b) What would happen to John.

4. After studying who Jesus is and what He can do, what should you do now?

a) Love Jesus – follow Him the rest of your life.

b) Go your own way – forget what you have studied.

Now on to Conclusion for the Book of John Part 1

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