We Need Help with Prayer Requests!

I’m humbly asking for a team of prayer warriors for the church; The House of The Nazarene. We Need Help with Prayer Requests! We receive so many, so, we need a team of Prayer Warriors!
Prayer warriors are people who are known for regularly interceding on behalf of others before God. To intercede means to come between, so prayer warriors are, in effect, coming between God and the trouble in another person’s life.
Prayer warriors are like defense attorneys, appealing to the Higher Court on behalf of their defendants. We’re all guilty before God, but God is merciful. Prayer warriors recognize that quality of God’s personality and call on Him for intervention.
We at The House of The Nazarene would like to build a Prayer Request Prayer Wall because Praying for others in “Intercessory Prayer“ is an honor and a privilege we take very seriously. Your requests are brought in prayer each week during our powerful prayer meetings. As believers in Jesus Christ, we come together finding healing, deliverance, restoration, freedom and true faith one-day-at-a-time.
Who are the prayer warriors?
Prayer warrior is a term used by many evangelical and other Christians to refer to anyone who is committed to praying for others, prayer warriors see themselves as engaged in spiritual warfare against satanic forces.
What is a prayer intercessor?
Intercession or intercessory prayer is the act of praying to a deity on behalf of others. In Western Christianity, intercession forms a distinct form of prayer, alongside Adoration, Confession, and Thanksgiving.
What are the types of prayer?
•Communion (All day all the time)
•Supplication (Lifting up your needs)
•Intercession (On behalf of others)
•Spiritual Warfare — There are two types: Dealing with yourself (Your mind is the battlefield) & (Repentance and Forgiveness); Dealing with Satan and demons (Putting on the Full Armor) & (Binding & Loosing).
Are your prayers filled with requests for others? You have been given this ministry of intercession and through prayer, you can be used by God to touch lives of people – those you have never met and those who are very close to you. Are you a prayer warrior?
Please contact us on our Church Page: https://www.facebook.com/The.House.of.the.Nazarene/
What is your response?

prayer warriors needed


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