If Israel Faces an Iranian Missile Attack Threat IDF Reveals New Plan to Address It

At some point, the Bible mentions a few wars that will happen and soon. The sabers have been rattling for a while now, the players that the Bible mention has been positioning and posturing themselves, America has moved out of the way in Seria, as a matter of fact, America really isn’t a force in the middle east anymore, the book of Revelation doesn’t even mention America in the last of the end times.
So, in Israel:
A high-level security cabinet meeting to discuss the increasing Iranian threat is scheduled for next week’s reports Israeli Army Radio.
“It could be in the form of a surface-to-surface missile, cruise missiles, or long-range UAVs,” Brig. Gen. Dror Shalom said.
According to the report, Iran could be planning a direct cruise missile or drone strike against Israel in retaliation for recent attacks against Iran’s allies in the Middle East.
Israel is expecting the missiles to not be high-arcing ballistic missiles that are easier to intercept, but rather low flying ones that are harder to detect.
Brig. Gen. Dror Shalom, the head of Military Intelligence’s Research Division told Israel Hayom that Israel expects to be attacked by Iran from southern Iraq.
“It could be in the form of a surface-to-surface missile, cruise missiles, or long-range UAVs. He has UAVs that can fly 1,000-1,200 kilometers (600-1200 miles) which he [Iran’s commander Qassem Soleimani] has used in the Persian Gulf,” Shalom said.
“In the end, when he takes a hit to the nose, he wants to hit back, and he has taken some blows recently. So my working assumption is that it’s only a matter of time until he tries,” he added.
Earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for an air defense project estimated to cost billions of shekels to counter such a threat.
According to Kan Bet, economic officials say the cost of Netanyahu’s proposed defense project would entail cutting a large number of funds to civilian projects and raising taxes.
Does Israel and the IDF have a plan?
With Iranian-backed Islamic terror groups threatening the Jewish state on both its southern and northern borders, the IDF released a new plan to confront efforts to attack Israel.
The IDF unveiled its new five-year plan of operations, with IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi stressing that Israel’s primary strategic threat remains Iranian entrenchment near its borders and its efforts to develop precision missiles with which to attack the Jewish state.
“The situation is fragile in the north and south — and may deteriorate into a confrontation,” warned Kochavi, according to the Algemeiner.
Kochavi added, “At the heart of [security threats to Israel is] the entrenchment of Iranian and other forces in Syria and the precision missile project. In both situations, this is an Iranian-led effort, using the territory of countries with extremely weak governments,” reported Ynet.
In his comments, Kochavi also referred to activities by both the Hamas terror group in Gaza and the Iranian proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.
With regard to Lebanon, Kochavi commented that Hezbollah holds the country hostage and dictates its “security policy.”
“Israel’s central strategic challenge lies in the northern arena,” Ynet quoted Kochavi as saying.
Key features of the new operational plan, code-named “Momentum,” include massive investments in the IDF’s military capabilities, such as beefing up Israel’s mid-sized drone fleet, acquiring large numbers of precision-guided missiles from the U.S., and obtaining more air defense batteries, reported Times of Israel.
Under the plan, IDF training exercises will shift focus to urban combat, as opposed to open fields, which are the traditional venues for military exercises. These drills will simulate fighting in cities and towns, according to the Times, where the IDF believes future conflicts could take place.
While the plan officially goes into effect at the beginning of 2020, the Finance Ministry had yet to approve expenditures to pay for the costly initiative. The spending required for the Momentum Plan represents a significant increase compared to the IDF’s previous five-year strategy, the Gideon Plan.
The underlying philosophy driving the Momentum Plan is that Israel must decisively gain victory in any future conflict as rapidly as possible to prevent Hezbollah from launching a large-scale strike on the Jewish state.
On a practical level, this means being able to strike targets immediately to take out weapons and military assets that could be used to harm Israelis.
If Israel Faces an Iranian Missile Attack Threat IDF Reveals New Plan to Address It
See that tiny bit of purple color on the upper left side? That’s Israel! See all the huge lands around Israel? Those are Israel’s enemies! You still think it’s a fair fight? Nope!




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