End-time prophecy. Why is the Third Temple so important?

But the question must be asked: for whom is the next Temple really being built?

Bible Proof and Promise – The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Aleppo Crown – the Return of Israel’s National Treasures

Considered the oldest known manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, they date back to at least 150 BC. These amazing scrolls are still considered to be some of the most important historical and religious documents ever discovered.

The Deepest Mystery Of The Bible And The Jewish Longing For The Messiah – The Red Heifer

“The Rabbis taught that forty years prior to the destruction of the Temple the lot did not come up in the (high priest’s) right hand nor did the tongue of scarlet wool become white…,” writes the Talmud in Tractate Yoma 39b.

Israel Has Begun Mapping The Territory Of The West Bank And Annexation Soon After Their Elections

Netanyahu began his remarks by discussing Israel’s historic connection to the West Bank and its victory in the Six-Day War. Our great victory brought back parts of the homeland to our hands. We canceled the narrow and dangerous borders that [Israeli diplomat] Abba Eban called ‘Auschwitz borders.’