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The Battle for Jerusalem’s Gate of Mercy Rages on!

Two Florida teens stranded in the ocean says ‘God is real’ because of a rescue by a boat named ‘The Amen’

Anti-Islam Leaflets “Chick Gospel Tract” Dropped In Auckland, New Zealand Police Investigating

The Dry Bones in Ezekiel’s vision are coming to life before our very eyes! Iran Vows to Defeat ‘American-Zionist Alliance’ as Gulf Tensions Rise!

The Spiritual Significance of the Number 7

Fathers Day

Facebook launching a cryptocurrency called ‘Libra’ That Was Originally Called ‘GlobalCoin’ supported by Visa, Uber, Mastercard, and others

God’s Great Love for Gentiles

Victory, Success and Godly Encouragement Go Together

Faith and Entering the Promised Land

Our Spiritual Independence Day

Fear Is a Liar by Zach Williams

Are You Ready for the Day of the Lord

Three Powerful Hebrew Names of God – El Olam, El Kannah, and YHVH Mekoddishkem

Palestinians Descendants Of Ancient Canaanites Abbas Claims: According To The Bible!

The Jezebel Spirit How it Operates How to Overcome How To Protect Yourself

More Mysteries of the Hebrew Names of God Explained

Extravagant Chesed, Love of God

Choose the Path of Blessing or Curse

Shoftim (Judges) and Who Killed Yeshua (Jesus)?

Secrets in the New Testament, Ki Tetze, When You Go Out

California Senate Looks To Pass Measure That Embraces LGBTQ Beliefs Over Christian Beliefs Thereby Denying Constitution

The Blessing in Being a Blessing is “Ki Tavo” in the Hebrew

Learn the Secrets of true Biblical Worship from King David, Yeshua, and Choosing Life

If Israel Faces an Iranian Missile Attack Threat IDF Reveals New Plan to Address It


Isaiah Spoke About Damascus Becoming A Ruinous Heap, Is It Imminent

For those who will never visit Israel in this lifetime, let’s take a tour of the beautiful country! Jerusalem churches tied to “New Testament” events

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, in earlier centuries also called the Gunpowder Treason Plot or the Jesuit Treason



Why is Jerusalem so Important in This Time of History

YESHUA – How Jesus’ name is correctly spelled and what it means

Discover Yeshua in the Creation Story – Beresheet (In the Beginning) – Messiah in Creation

A Prophet like Moses Jesus The Christ

The Original Thanksgiving Proclamation That Was Given To Us By George Washington


Iran, Russia, China in ‘Message to the World’ to Hold Joint War Game Drills First time Ever

2019 Christmas Devotional Collection, Glory to God in the Highest from House of the Nazarene

Netflix special ‘Joke Show,’ Michelle Wolf Brutally Said ‘I Am God’ After She Killed Her Baby After Her Abortion As Her Audience Howled With Laughter

The First Day Of The Week The Bible Calls It Sunday, The Seventh Day Of The Week Is Saturday For Jews And Saints Alike

God’s Personal Hebrew Name and Its Significance

United Methodist Church The Nation’s Third-Largest Denomination Will Split Into Multiple Denominations Over Gay Marriage

The Roman Catholic Church Declared Their Opposition To The Gospel At The Council Of Trent Preached By The Apostle Paul About The Grace Of God

The United States Meets At Vatican City With VP Mike Pence And Pope Francis For Private Meeting Over The Abrahamic Faiths Initiative

Hospitals That Have Your Detailed Medical Records Make Deal To Sell Them To Technology Giants Like Microsoft, Amazon And IBM In $3 Trillion Dollar Healthcare Boom Market

Fox Sports Will Run Two Drag Queens Commercial But Refusing To Air ‘Faces Of Choice’ Pro-Life Abortion Survivors Commercial

Qassem Soleimani Ayatollah Khamenei and the Mahdi Doctrine

Israel Has Begun Mapping The Territory Of The West Bank And Annexation Soon After Their Elections

The Deepest Mystery Of The Bible And The Jewish Longing For The Messiah – The Red Heifer

Bible Proof and Promise – The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Aleppo Crown – the Return of Israel’s National Treasures

End-time prophecy. Why is the Third Temple so important?

The Star of David, Magen David, or Star Of Remphan

Enoch and Lamech Noah’s father in the lineage of Cain and not Shem?

Jewish Priests are being prepared for Third Temple Service

The First Gospel the Messianic Prophecy of Genesis 3:15







Hebrew or Jewish Holidays