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The Battle for Jerusalem’s Gate of Mercy Rages on!

Two Florida teens stranded in the ocean says ‘God is real’ because of a rescue by a boat named ‘The Amen’

Anti-Islam Leaflets “Chick Gospel Tract” Dropped In Auckland, New Zealand Police Investigating

The Dry Bones in Ezekiel’s vision are coming to life before our very eyes! Iran Vows to Defeat ‘American-Zionist Alliance’ as Gulf Tensions Rise!

The Spiritual Significance of the Number 7

Fathers Day

Facebook launching a cryptocurrency called ‘Libra’ That Was Originally Called ‘GlobalCoin’ supported by Visa, Uber, Mastercard, and others

God’s Great Love for Gentiles

Victory, Success and Godly Encouragement Go Together

Faith and Entering the Promised Land

Our Spiritual Independence Day

Fear Is a Liar by Zach Williams

Are You Ready for the Day of the Lord

Three Powerful Hebrew Names of God – El Olam, El Kannah, and YHVH Mekoddishkem

Palestinians Descendants Of Ancient Canaanites Abbas Claims: According To The Bible!

The Jezebel Spirit How it Operates How to Overcome How To Protect Yourself

More Mysteries of the Hebrew Names of God Explained

Extravagant Chesed, Love of God

Choose the Path of Blessing or Curse

Shoftim (Judges) and Who Killed Yeshua (Jesus)?

Secrets in the New Testament, Ki Tetze, When You Go Out

California Senate Looks To Pass Measure That Embraces LGBTQ Beliefs Over Christian Beliefs Thereby Denying Constitution

The Blessing in Being a Blessing is “Ki Tavo” in the Hebrew

Learn the Secrets of true Biblical Worship from King David, Yeshua, and Choosing Life

If Israel Faces an Iranian Missile Attack Threat IDF Reveals New Plan to Address It


Isaiah Spoke About Damascus Becoming A Ruinous Heap, Is It Imminent

For those who will never visit Israel in this lifetime, let’s take a tour of the beautiful country! Jerusalem churches tied to “New Testament” events

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, in earlier centuries also called the Gunpowder Treason Plot or the Jesuit Treason








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