AI Program AlphaZero Now Shows Signs Of Human-Like Intelligence And Is A ‘Turning Point’ As It Shows Signs Of Reasoning

With the advent of powerful machine learning techniques we’ve seen that the scales have started to tip and now we have computer algorithms that are able to do these very human-like activities really well.

A Quick Overview of the Book of Revelation

Yes, Revelation is absolutely written in chronological order of events. The Church Age, the Rapture of the Church, the time of Jacob’s trouble, Armageddon, the Thousand Year Reign of King Jesus, Gog and Magog, judgement, new heaven and new earth, eternity.

Isaiah Spoke About Damascus Becoming A Ruinous Heap, Is It Imminent

Just recently, Iranian Quds forces launched a barrage of missiles across the Syrian border and aimed at Israel. In under an hour, the Israeli Air Force began responding with a blistering barrage of airstrikes up and down northern Syria in and around Damascus and other areas. In fact, Syria in general and Damascus, in particular, has been in the news quite heavily in recent months. Lots of military action going on there.