John 12 Part 3

Now, in this symbolic movement toward the ‘God-fearers’, who were wanting to see Jesus, it shows He is not a person just for the nation of Israel, but for persons of all the world. Christ came to save the whole world, and this message would be available to all who would receive.

John 12 Part 2

So, what we have is an open announcement that He is, in fact, the promised Messiah. I think, in effect, He is forcing the hand of the leaders, and how the Sanhedrin would act during the Passover.

John 12 Part 1

Mary seemed to have a deeper understanding. To some degree it may have been a bit like Caiaphas, who, you recall, made a proclamation that it was necessary for one man to die for the sins of the people.

John 2 Part 2

I would argue that this is the best wine ever created so yes, it would’ve been automatically fermented wine! My point is that this was not just a miracle of abundance but of kingdom quality and excellence as well.

John 2 Part 3

He shows or provides something in abundance that the event actually promises. At the wedding, He provides an abundance of wine. The temple had been dead but now He clears it of the old and cleanses it so He can replace it with Himself- with a temple that is His actual body.