More Mysteries of the Hebrew Names of God Explained

Even though God created mankind and breathed into Adam’s body the breath that made us living beings, few people know anything about the Creator.
Rather than leaving mankind to speculate about Who He is and What He is like, one key way in which He has chosen to reveal Himself and His will to us is through His Names.

John 10 Part 4

There is a three-fold relationship to a sheep.
Number one: there is a loving relationship and it is a loving one because, after all, He died for His sheep and love demonstrates its veracity, not just by words, but by action as well.

John 10 Part 3

The Cross, really, is the preface to His glorification. It is the way, in fact, and we know, that before honor comes humility and so it always has been. And so, the way to glory is that we see the Cross precedes the Crown and as we look at our own lives, is it not true that all of us have a cross to bear?

John 10 Part 2

So, when a shepherd realizes one of his sheep is missing, it is a dangerous situation and he will go to find him. Again, they are not very bright, and they get themselves on their back and they can not get up again.

John 10 Part 1

So, He says, then, “I am the door, if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved and go in and out and find pasture.” There is this idea here of the abundance that this sheep will provide. It is an image of a flock of sheep in a very threatening environment, a threatening desert, and that they are vulnerable.