John 17

Jesus Prays for His Disciples and the The Men my Father Gave Me, to Keep Them Safe. May They Be One with Us and to be with me.

John 6

What the people surrounding Jesus must have felt like during this time in John’s Gospel. They had heard about the wedding feast where Jesus changed water to wine. They heard … Continue reading John 6

John 4

Jesus is a model for a Christian’s life and ministry. By observing His life and work, believers can excel both in life and in Christian work. Let us take one aspect of Jesus’ ministry and learn from Him about being a good witness.

John 1 Part 3

So John comes with the TRUTH about the PERSON, the WORD who created: This WORD was always WITH God. If you read just a little bit of John’s Gospel you find out that John is clearly speaking about the PERSON of the Lord Jesus Christ. The word “THE”, before the word God is so we would not translate it “A” God, and incidentally, in the Greek there is no word for the article “a”. So the Word dwelt eternally with THE ONLY TRUE LIVING God.