John 5 Part 5

And if you think there’s fighting amongst so-called Christians today, just think if Jesus came back today and preached what He did back then!

John 5 Part 4

What we don’t want to do is assume therefore that anytime something’s wrong it must be your lack of faith, trust or lack of belief. That’s a dangerous thing to say. Jesus, in fact, balances this out because He makes it very clear that sometimes things happen and it’s no one’s fault.

John 5 Part 3

May I point out one other verse that is often overlooked in this discussion of who really “murdered Jesus”? The answer is all of us. What the Bible itself says about this is instructive.

John 5 Part 2

Many people are now claiming there’s a fourth El and call Him a legend. Scholars are increasingly pointing, if anything, to the authority and reliability of the scriptures, the gospels, as reliable narratives.

John 5 Part 1

Jesus did come to bring love and tolerance, not to sin but to follow the Scriptures. A lot of people have the mistaken idea that Jesus is a way but not the way. They think people can come to God in their own ways.