John 7 Part 1

There are two things I want you to associate with Tabernacles- one is light and the other is water. The association with light is because, at this time of the year, it coincided with the autumn equinox. Equinox is where the length of the day is the same as the night. Then from that point on the length of the night would continue to get longer relative to the length of the day.

John 6 Part 1

Now, in this chapter, we have the issue of the surface needs versus the deepest needs of humanity. We are going to see in this chapter that people are looking for just the surface needs. Just like the woman at the well, what was it that she wanted? She wanted physical water.

John 7 Part 5

I’ve said before in the gospel of John, there’s a very real connection between the various feasts and festivals of Israel in the life of our Lord. John is not accidental in doing that. For example, in John 5, we saw that it centered on the Sabbath and in violation, in their minds, of the Sabbath law. Jesus didn’t violate the Sabbath but human traditions concerning it.

John 6 Part 4

Resumed from part 3 What the people surrounding Jesus must have felt like during this time in John’s Gospel. They had heard about the wedding feast where Jesus changed water … Continue reading John 6 Part 4