Yeshua And The Azazel Is Acharei Mot Or After The Death And Kedoshim Or Holy Ones Is Today’s Sermon

Why did Elohim have to WRITE His laws on our hearts? The Jews had the law written down on stone, papyrus, and on other articles of writing for 4000 years and did not follow them, oh yes once in a while one of the Old Testament fathers did but the majority of the time they did not. Moreover, we have the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) living inside us and seals us and who convicts us when we behave without God’s love.

Christian do if he/she lives in an area where there is no church to attend

Now we at The House of The Nazarene work hard to fill that gap. Half of the world’s population is online, 3.8 billion and climbing, that’s the number of people who currently have access to the internet.