Pray Like Paul Prayed

There are two words for “worship” in the New Testament. One means to bow the head, the
other is to bend the knee. You can either genuflect — that is, bow the knee — or you can bend
the head. But we are stiff-necked. We want to look up in the face of the Deity. God says, “Get
down before Me.” The very fact that we bow is a recognition that He is sovereign and that we
are to be obedient to Him. My, how this generation needs to learn that we don’t treat God as an

Simon Peter and Pope Peter the same?

Every Christian that ever lived, including all of the apostles, are seen in scripture as ‘lively stones’ who are servants of “the Rock” that is the Lord Jesus. Not only that, after the collapse of the Kingdom Age in Acts 7, Jesus raises up Saul who became Paul to be the actual leader of the Christian Church. The apostle Paul, you may remember, not only is given leadership of the Church, Paul rebukes Peter for his hypocrisy in Galatians.