John 21

Jesus says to His disciples before His crucifixion, “After I have been raised I will go ahead of you to Galilee.” So, He is telling them that is where they are to meet Him.

John 20

There were five resurrection appearances of Christ on that very first day of the week if you put the Synoptic accounts together with the Gospel of John. He appeared to Mary Magdalene and we just read about that one in John 20.

John 19

I am referring not just to Jesus’ crucifixion, but to the bearing of the sins of the world. For that, He would sweat drops of blood. As we continue with the story, and after Jesus has been talking with Pilate and, remember, Pilate asks Him, “What is truth?”

John 18

We are up to chapter 18, and we are moving, now, in this chapter, from the private ministry of our Lord, with His disciples, into the public drama of redemption. We had five chapters that slowed down the clock to one day.

John 17

Jesus Prays for His Disciples and the The Men my Father Gave Me, to Keep Them Safe. May They Be One with Us and to be with me.